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8 h from the hotel

The route is a true eye drops to the tourists' eyes! The panoramic beauties of the city visited during that tour are unforgettable! On the way, you will be able to know and to appreciate the beauties of our “other city”, called Cidade Baixa (low city), where the Itapagipe Peninsula stretches out into the sea, providing panoramic views. This first holiday residences district, now is a peaceful family district where life moves at at a slower pace than the bustling upper city. 
You will visit the famous Church of Bonfim, place where happen most of the religious manifestations of Bahia, also the famous party “Wash of Bonfim.” Fishermen fish from dug out canoes, locals collect shell fish at low tide, schooners are at anchor, all protected by the famous church. It is also the most important churches of pilgrimage in Brazil and deeply syncretised with the Candomblé. A stop at the Mercado Modelo, a thriving market for local handicrafts, the biggest of Bahia, can not be lost. It is time to bargain!.


8 h from the hotel

We will drive north through the “Coconut Road” bordered by sand dunes, pristine beaches and mangrove vegetation. Praia do Forte is a small town remnant of fishermen’s vile with picturesque environment with nice stores and good restaurants. The heart of Praia do Forte is the vile where the rustic style of the fishermen is mixed with the entertainment environment and the beauty of the local landscape where all the suntanned bodies congregate, parading in light, colorful clothes, chattering excitedly, and celebrating the exuberant tropical atmosphere. We will visit the TAMAR which is responsible for the preservation of the sea turtles that lay their eggs in the region; Praia do Forte has been the national center for preservation and we will also visit the ruins of one of the oldest Portuguese buildings in Brazil, the Garcia Davila Castle .The castle is an impressive old construction, home of the biggest landlord in Brazil at the colonial time. Recently restored, the castle is at the top of a hill, facing the ocean. 



4 h from the hotel

city tour to visit the historic centre of Rio de Janeiro. You have a walk through the tight streets, which engraved the history of the city. You visit the highlights of tourist attractions, e.g. the abbey named “São Bento”, the beautiful church called “Igreja de Candelaria”, the “place of XV. Novembre” and the cultural centre, which is located in the refurbished bank “Banco do Brasil”. Furthermore you see the most famous street “Goncalves Dias” where a traditional bar named “Colombo” is situated. Finally the trip ends on the place “Praça Carioca” and the Rio de Janeiro’s urban cathedral. Return to the hotels, free time at the afternoon for relaxing or optional bookings 

Corcovado + Beaches

4 h from the hotel

Today we will visit Rio´s most important land mark and one of the modern 7 wonders of the wold. Our tour will start with scenic ride along Rodrigo de Freitas laggon to Cosme Velho district, where we will board Swiss cogwheel to a panoramic ride the though the Tijuca Rain Forest, considered the biggest urban forest in the world with its 330 square km. Green vegetation and rich fauna such as birds and monkeys. We will ride  to the very top of the mountain, carved in soapstone mosaic in the finest art nouveau style, stands the famous Christ the Redeemer, a 38 meters tall statue with arms outstretched as if blessing the city, the world famous landmark of the city.

City tour & Sugar Loaf

4 h from the hotel

We will start our tour with an orientation city tour of downtown Rio de Janeiro, the city´s business and colonial heart.

We will drive along some of the main street, admiring important building and contructions. Then, transfer to Praia Vermelha (the red beach) where you will start your trip by cable car which will offer you a wonderful view of the Guanabara Bay.  First stop at  Urca Hill on a height of 220 meters above sea level, with a beautiful view over Botafogo and Guanabara  Bay. The attractions of this hill-top plateau include a heliport, a panoramic restaurant and an amphitheatre. The second stage of the cable-car is at a height of 396 meters. From this viewpoint, there is an uninterrupted and breathtaking view  over the bay to Niterói, flanked by beaches and lagoons. 

Tropical Island

8 hours from the hotel

Excursion on an exclusive schooner to one of the wonderful islands in Sepetiba bay. We will drive south to the fishing village of Itacuruça (approx 1 hour drive) to board our boat. We will cruise the islands. Time at leisure to swim and enjoy this beautiful area.

At the arrival on the island time for bath in the crystalline water and lunch.

Late afternoon, return to Rio de Janeiro

Jeep tour favela and forest

4 h from the hotel

Rio is a city of contrasts.  On board of open jeeps we will explore unlike sites of the city.  We will visit the biggest

slum in South America, Rocinha, with over 250,000 inhabitants.  We will be able to walk though the forest and

observe alternative society.

Then, we will explore Floresta da Tijuca – the biggest urban forest in the world. Light trekking will take us to 

Unique falls and cascades. Explore  native fauna and flora.


8 h from the hotel

Nesled in the hills surrounding  Rio de Janeiro is the imperial city of Petropolis.  Developed by German settlers

The city preserves  the architecture.  It was once the summer residence of the Imperial Brazilian family.  During our tour we will visit the Imperial Cathedral and the Imperial Palace.  We will also enjoy a leisure chariot ride throug the streets of Petropolis.

The area also boasts some of the finest restaurants of the state of Rio de Janeiro.  Lunch will be on one of the fines restaurants in the city.

Return to Rio - Rio is a city of contrasts.  On board of open jeeps we will explore unlike sites of the city.  We will visit the biggest slum in South America, Rocinha, with over 250,000 inhabitants.  We will be able to walk though the favela and observe alternative society.

We will organize viit to a local social work organization that care for the children of the Favela.

We will also visit a Samba School to learn some samba steps. We will aldo pass by Sambodromo, location  of the carnival parade.




4 h from the hotel

At the afternoon you have a trip to the Brazilian countryside of the national park to visit the Iguassu waterfalls. From this countryside you have a breathtaking point of view to gaze at the UNESCO world natural heritage



4 h from the hotel

Here you travel by jungle train and finally arrive at a breathtaking canyon called “Garganta del Diabolo” (Canyon of the devil).  By using some hiking routes it is possible to access the lookout point “Alvar-Nunes”, the waterfalls called “Bozetti”, “San Martin” and “the two sisters”.

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